Quick Job.

There is something that I really like to practice. Something between collage, retouche and a bit of 3D. One of my clients wanted me to produce a quick raw image to explain his intention and its visual impact for a shopping mall project. Of course you have no time to construct the whole place in 3D with all its necessary lightning and details. To start the work I have a photo and a plan showing where the new elements would be.


First I made a quick copy of the original jpg, saved it in Maxwell as an HDRI and used it as a light source and a background image. Then, I positioned my camera to fit the new escalator in my scene like this…Capture d’écran 2013-03-07 à 17.19.42

The rendering is then extracted from its background, placed in the original image and edited with some new elements like logos, people ect… and here you get the result, a 3D graphic mix made in two days of work.SONY DSC

It has a different flair than pure CG work which had taken a week or so but still makes a nice illustration.

Playing with an iconique seat from Konstantin Grcic

Working on CG visuals for interior architecture lead me to discover a very large amount of furnitures . Some of them were specific request from my clients, some of them just happened to sort of pop out for my eyes.  This one got all my attention at once. Well I could not say only because of its elegance or esthetic qualities, but because of the fact that it is at the same time a space, an architecture, and a furniture. Of course I just wanted to explore it and play a bit with it like one does with a virtual object and a virtual camera… So what happens when one take a look from the inside ?


Kunst Akademie

Every year Düsseldorf Kunst Akademie open its doors to show its  student’s latest work.

So walking thru it I decided to take pictures not of the work presented

but pictures about the spaces in which they are produced…

Sometimes you don’t know if it is an art installation or something that is part of art making.