Quick Job.

There is something that I really like to practice. Something between collage, retouche and a bit of 3D. One of my clients wanted me to produce a quick raw image to explain his intention and its visual impact for a shopping mall project. Of course you have no time to construct the whole place in 3D with all its necessary lightning and details. To start the work I have a photo and a plan showing where the new elements would be.


First I made a quick copy of the original jpg, saved it in Maxwell as an HDRI and used it as a light source and a background image. Then, I positioned my camera to fit the new escalator in my scene like this…Capture d’écran 2013-03-07 à 17.19.42

The rendering is then extracted from its background, placed in the original image and edited with some new elements like logos, people ect… and here you get the result, a 3D graphic mix made in two days of work.SONY DSC

It has a different flair than pure CG work which had taken a week or so but still makes a nice illustration.

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