New school in Langenfeld

Just before this summer, I started a new work for the architecture department of the city of Langenfeld, a town located between Düsseldorf and Köln. In the center of the city an older school building, should be demolished and replaced by a new school building fitting today’s standards for security and pedagogic needs. Of course, this operation would raise a lot of controversies and discussions among the citizens of Langenfeld and therefore it was decided at the very early stage of the project to produce perspectives to show what the final project would look like in situ. The first illustrations I had to produce were not really meant to be shown publicly but rather a way to choose between two alternatives at an early development stage.

Entwurf 1 SW

Entwurf 2 SW

As you can see even though the two proposals have the same ground occupation’s strategy, their designs are quite different from one another. The original renderings were colored but I choose to show you here their black and white versions which I personally find more elegant. The rendering technique in this case combines a photo saved as an HDRI for both the background picture and partially lightning source combined with a virtual sun emission. The tricky part is to match your virtual camera with the real one and even though most standard cameras, in this case an EOS 5D, are perfectly emulated  in the Maxwell render Studio it has no match view functions. So I guess one has still to play a while with the camera settings until one comes close enough to the original camera position. Maybe that function will be in the next version of Maxwell render but we’ll talk about that later on when it will be released, probably this October… Anyway to come back to our primary subject of course post processing is always a necessity not only for the last fine color tuning but also for the geometry that had to be adjusted to its background just a bit.

About a month later I worked on the next renderings showing this time only one project but in two different point of view. It had to be done really quickly, a week and no more, before a public presentation and a press conference.



This project is now under further development and will be built accordingly to this image. De-Visu’s motto is see it before it exists, so when its construction is done I will post again and will show you both the real and the virtual.

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