Making an archviz in about a week

Well  I worked recently with a swiss architecture office for housing competition in Geneva. In this kind of work time and dead lines are essential. One has to keep up with the various changes made along the design process by the architect team and I mean untill the last possible moment. Some pre viz are used to correct the original design until the final design. Different points of views are tested as well as different lightings. Of course one picture does not show the entire project, especially in this case… So we came to choose this point of view. First I would like to show you the picture fresh from rendering.


Using the material and object maps generated from Maxwell render one can easily tweak the picture and get ready for post production.

Final-_material_01 Final-_object_01

I always try to keep the last day free from other tasks and concentrate on the post production which in this case is all the environement like trees, grass, people and so on. I prefer to work on them in post production rather than in 3D in order to make the calculation faster and to keep a certain freedom in the composition.


At this point one decided to change the composition a bit by adding some new cherry trees, moving some people and leaving the left side of the picture open taking the tree away.


That was much better. Still in order to harmonize with the black and white architectural drawings, we decided to try a color mix leaving only the trees wtih a bit of color… Here is the final picture.


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