French interior a project under construction

Some projects take a longer time to be finished and this is one of them. My client has some apartments that are curently being renovated. Now they look like a space under construction so in order to show how they will look like when the whole process is over I was asked to produced some rendering. Even though elements like the furniture are not part of the project they were carefully picked and choosen by the tenant in order to give the interior the style and the flair he would have liked for himself. This interior image is not yet completed and some details like the picture on the wall the books in the shelves and so on are not yet completly discussed but I guess that this first images will give you a general idea of what it will look like when it is finally calculated.

At first let me show you how it starts after modelling the complete building.. quite boring isn’t it ?  The camera is not yet really in its definitive place and everthing is missing. The purpose of this image is only to validate the solide geometry and to make sure that nothing was forgotten.


Yet it starts to get some details, sofa dining table picture on the wall a bit of the kitchen in the background … And the main lightning direction is set.


Still they are a lot of things that could be improved in the composition of the picture and I am not very happy with the table that blends to much wit the wood flooring. On the other hand the small elements like the headphones or the news paper start to give the impression that somebody is actually living here and as this process goes on I will ad more of them. I feel that they also have a purpose in the composition and actually guide the eye through the picture.And of course at this point one starts to work with the F-stop of the camera to create some depth of field.


I mostly like compsition with a direction 16/9 formats for example but in this case after trying regular 24/36 proportions I had the feeling that a square format would best suit this image.


This is about as close as possible from the final image as it can be. Two invisble light sources are added to give a slightly different colors  temperature between the upper floor and the ground floor. This technique is also working in maxwell very nicely in oder to have a clean render with less noise in less time. It is not yet post produced and I will surely come back with more images later on.