French interior a project under construction

Some projects take a longer time to be finished and this is one of them. My client has some apartments that are curently being renovated. Now they look like a space under construction so in order to show how they will look like when the whole process is over I was asked to produced some rendering. Even though elements like the furniture are not part of the project they were carefully picked and choosen by the tenant in order to give the interior the style and the flair he would have liked for himself. This interior image is not yet completed and some details like the picture on the wall the books in the shelves and so on are not yet completly discussed but I guess that this first images will give you a general idea of what it will look like when it is finally calculated.

At first let me show you how it starts after modelling the complete building.. quite boring isn’t it ?  The camera is not yet really in its definitive place and everthing is missing. The purpose of this image is only to validate the solide geometry and to make sure that nothing was forgotten.


Yet it starts to get some details, sofa dining table picture on the wall a bit of the kitchen in the background … And the main lightning direction is set.


Still they are a lot of things that could be improved in the composition of the picture and I am not very happy with the table that blends to much wit the wood flooring. On the other hand the small elements like the headphones or the news paper start to give the impression that somebody is actually living here and as this process goes on I will ad more of them. I feel that they also have a purpose in the composition and actually guide the eye through the picture.And of course at this point one starts to work with the F-stop of the camera to create some depth of field.


I mostly like compsition with a direction 16/9 formats for example but in this case after trying regular 24/36 proportions I had the feeling that a square format would best suit this image.


This is about as close as possible from the final image as it can be. Two invisble light sources are added to give a slightly different colors  temperature between the upper floor and the ground floor. This technique is also working in maxwell very nicely in oder to have a clean render with less noise in less time. It is not yet post produced and I will surely come back with more images later on.


New school in Langenfeld

Just before this summer, I started a new work for the architecture department of the city of Langenfeld, a town located between Düsseldorf and Köln. In the center of the city an older school building, should be demolished and replaced by a new school building fitting today’s standards for security and pedagogic needs. Of course, this operation would raise a lot of controversies and discussions among the citizens of Langenfeld and therefore it was decided at the very early stage of the project to produce perspectives to show what the final project would look like in situ. The first illustrations I had to produce were not really meant to be shown publicly but rather a way to choose between two alternatives at an early development stage.

Entwurf 1 SW

Entwurf 2 SW

As you can see even though the two proposals have the same ground occupation’s strategy, their designs are quite different from one another. The original renderings were colored but I choose to show you here their black and white versions which I personally find more elegant. The rendering technique in this case combines a photo saved as an HDRI for both the background picture and partially lightning source combined with a virtual sun emission. The tricky part is to match your virtual camera with the real one and even though most standard cameras, in this case an EOS 5D, are perfectly emulated  in the Maxwell render Studio it has no match view functions. So I guess one has still to play a while with the camera settings until one comes close enough to the original camera position. Maybe that function will be in the next version of Maxwell render but we’ll talk about that later on when it will be released, probably this October… Anyway to come back to our primary subject of course post processing is always a necessity not only for the last fine color tuning but also for the geometry that had to be adjusted to its background just a bit.

About a month later I worked on the next renderings showing this time only one project but in two different point of view. It had to be done really quickly, a week and no more, before a public presentation and a press conference.



This project is now under further development and will be built accordingly to this image. De-Visu’s motto is see it before it exists, so when its construction is done I will post again and will show you both the real and the virtual.

Tokio house la suite…

Not to say I am really done with this study case I had to do a few more shots. I really wanted to try a rendering from the the bathroom looking up at the terace. I am very impressed by the project, even though it looks really closed from the outside it is really light and open when you have a virtual chance to take a look at it from the inside. It is really rare to see in such a small housing project spaces that are so smoothly connected to one another. You really get the feeling that you are taking your bath in the sky. And just after you can take a sun bath!


Concerning the CG work this image had just a bit of lens effect and no more. It is amazing how working with Maxwellrender makes the rendering process easier just by being able to control the different light sources, using its multilight function along the rendering. No tweaking and hit render again.

I am now working on the last image a perspective from the sleeping room.

Untill then enjoy !


Tokio house la suite…

As the project goes on and the renderings are on their way I can show a first image of main space.

Finalcuisine-01 Finalcuisine-01_Snapseed

As always I can’t resist and publish both colored and black and white renderings.

Tokio House la suite…

I guess now it is time to see this project from its first level looking up at the terace. I really love the way the staircase works and connects all the volumes of the house. So in such a small space one can still manage to have a volume floating in the air.


Tokyo house

Even though I was quite happy with this first picture I found that a few things could be tweaked a bit. First I decided to change a bit the lightning and the composition in order to get a smoother and homogeneous atmosphere. I have some other renderings on their way that I will post as soon as possible.


Of course I can’t resist to show you its black and white variante


A tribute to A.L.X architects

I was always fascinated by modern japanese houses. As a private project I decided to reconstruct a house in Tokyo that made a real impression on me. It is something that I had in mind a long time ago and last week I had a schedual opportunity to work on it. It is still a work in progress and I will post some more perspectives as they will be done. Nevertheless here is one of the first shot that I post proceeded in black and white.


The very minmalistic use of concrecte and white surface defines the grammar of its interior spaces and still the way the volumes play with one another and the way they connect to the staircase makes it a very complexe and rich space to explore. So just wait for the next renderings…

Quick variation

In one of my last post I described how to make a quick rendering using a mixed technique of photographique collage and 3D . A few days after I was asked to do a variation of the original project without the elevator. This is of course only post production work. I softened it a bit more than the previous version.


I hope you like it as well.


Making an archviz in about a week

Well  I worked recently with a swiss architecture office for housing competition in Geneva. In this kind of work time and dead lines are essential. One has to keep up with the various changes made along the design process by the architect team and I mean untill the last possible moment. Some pre viz are used to correct the original design until the final design. Different points of views are tested as well as different lightings. Of course one picture does not show the entire project, especially in this case… So we came to choose this point of view. First I would like to show you the picture fresh from rendering.


Using the material and object maps generated from Maxwell render one can easily tweak the picture and get ready for post production.

Final-_material_01 Final-_object_01

I always try to keep the last day free from other tasks and concentrate on the post production which in this case is all the environement like trees, grass, people and so on. I prefer to work on them in post production rather than in 3D in order to make the calculation faster and to keep a certain freedom in the composition.


At this point one decided to change the composition a bit by adding some new cherry trees, moving some people and leaving the left side of the picture open taking the tree away.


That was much better. Still in order to harmonize with the black and white architectural drawings, we decided to try a color mix leaving only the trees wtih a bit of color… Here is the final picture.